At Derr and Gruenewald Construction, we put the highest emphasis on safety. The well-being of our workers and everyone on the jobsite is top-of-mind through the entire process of planning and execution. We are committed to embracing a culture of safety within our company and throughout the industry as a whole.

DGC Steel leads the field when it comes to the quantities of time and resources we devote to creating the safest work environment possible. We understand that the key to maintaining a productive and profitable worksite is making sure employees are properly trained in the latest safety measures.

Work Safety


We consider this to be the most crucial aspect when it comes to creating a safe and productive project. Jobsite safety planning is as important as planning for production schedules, manpower and logistics. Our structural engineers create detailed plans for shoring systems, erection procedures and critical lifts.

Fall Protection

Falls are a serious hazard in the steel erection industry and we go above and beyond when it comes to fall prevention. DGC uses engineered stanchions, portable anchors, retractable lanyards and custom anchors.

Fall Protection

At Derr and Gruenewald Construction, we put the highest emphasis on safety.



We employ union craftsmen who are fully trained and qualified to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and safety. This includes riggers, engineers, steelworkers and managers. Our professionals don’t take job safety lightly.

Safety Consultants

We also use outside expert consultants to add yet another layer of safety to every project we perform. DGC, LLC. is allied with MSC Safety Solutions, a renowned company that assists with risk management and safety processes.

Safety Consultants

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